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Our services and methods

Pro-Intal Consulting is an international business and market consultancy focusing entirely on food, drink and related industries. Foodservice is a particular area of expertise.

With offices in the UK and Germany, associated consultancies in the USA and Japan plus a network of affiliates based in Europe and Asia it is fully resourced to undertake any scale project.

We are staffed by former industry professionals with many years experience in tackling strategic issues and producing practical solutions.

Insight plus
Our approach is unique. We regularly undertake in-depth interviews with leading figures throughout the food industry from ingredients supply through manufacturing to retailers and food service operators. This gives us an unrivalled perspective of issues as they affect all stages in the food supply chain. With this unique perspective we formulate solutions that have real relevance in a changing market situation.

To this unique insight, we can add a comprehensive database on market facts and figures together with the ability to quantify markets where data simply does not exist.

This unique ability is particularly relevant in areas such as foodservice and food ingredients where information is scarce and misjudging market sizes can have costly consequences.

Knowledge based solutions
We believe data and information are nothing if they cannot be transformed into knowledge and from knowledge into actions. As a consequence we specialise in the application of knowledge to develop insight and the provision of market driven strategy.

We bring our clients in-depth international food and drink knowledge combined with external perspectives and analytical modeling. Based on these factors we supply robust, actionable and accountable solutions

Food and drink focus: why it is important
Pro-Intal believe that the principal, strategic, challenges facing its clients in the food and drink industries are unique and cannot be solved by “off-the-shelf” solutions. The challenges facing our clients include:

  • Many food and drink markets are mature and the key requirement are to add new value while squeezing out additional cost.
  • While operating in a low overall growth sector in developed economies, they are operating in a world in which change is endemic, be it technology, industry, market, consumer, geography or policy driven.
  • The pace of change is accelerating exponentially in all market dimensions.
  • The power and influence of stakeholders have increased and company performance is under both scrutiny and pressure. Increased shareholder value is a given target.

These factors have added complexity, uncertainty and risk to business operation and development. As a consequence, today’s business managers have to adjust to new situations, compete, grow the business and deliver a healthy bottom line. More importantly they have to deliver today’s imperatives while preparing for tomorrow’s uncertainties.

Today’s managers are pressured as never before, but at the same time corporate structures have been streamlined and real qualified resource to address these issues is just not available. This is the void that Pro-Intal fills. We are trusted partners who are there to be switched on or off by our clients as their need requires.

The Pro-Intal service offering
The services offered by Pro-Intal include:

  • Strategic business and market planning
  • Change mapping
  • Competitive evaluation
  • New Opportunity identification, evaluation and realisation
  • Business facilitation
  • Workshops
  • Management mentoring

The bottom line is that we are in the business of problem solution and insight development.

We recognise that all stages of the food and drink supply chain are interlinked. As an example:

  • Packaging or ingredients strategies are ultimately governed by changes at the far end of the demand chain, in consumer habits and patterns.
  • These consumer demands also govern retailer and foodservice actions.
  • These actions impact on processors and brand owners.

All strategies, to be successful ultimately have to take into account the actions and reactions of others within the industry. Since our food and drink focus means that we work at all stages of the chain this understanding is implicit in all the solutions we supply.

Information is only one element of our solution. Understanding the chain, the complex dynamics involved and the implications of any decision are essential in the fast changing environment that is food and drink.

Understanding the food and drink chain and forecasting future dynamics is the Pro-Intal focus.